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Andromeda is a well-known constellation because of the large galaxy, M31, or simply The Andromeda Galaxy, that is found there. On a clear night, M31 is clearly visible to the unaided eye, and at around 3 million light-years distance is the furthest object that can be seen without optical aid.

This picture shows most of the constellation, with the exception of the far left (northerly point) which is cut off. The great galaxy M31 can clearly be near the top of the picture, and its satellites M32 and M110 can be discerned if you know where to look. M110 is a tiny blue smudge just above the large galaxy, and M32 an even smaller dot below it. Also in this picture is another large galaxy, M33, or the Pinwheel Galaxy, in neighbouring constellation Triangulum. This galaxy, although large, is much dimmer than M31 and is much harder to see although I have heard it is possible with the naked eye in a really good sky. Finally this picture captured an open cluster, NGC 752. It can be see on the left side of the image.

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This picture is a 15 minute exposure on Fuji Provia 400F film, with a 50mm lens at f/4.0. The processed slide film was scanned in high resolution and processed in the Gimp.
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