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South of the star Theta Leonis is a small group of galaxies known as the Leo Triplet. This contains the Messier objects M65 and M66, plus an additional galaxy NGC 3628.

This picture shows the three galaxies of the triplet well -- The uppermost of the three is NGC 3628. The lower two are Messier objects, from left to right, M66 and M65. About a third of the way up the picture, near the right hand edge, is another small galaxy, NGC 3593.
This picture was captured by attaching the camera to the ST80 80mm f/5 refractor. The exposure was 20 minutes on Fuji provia 400F film.
This photo was scanned from the processed film to a jpg file, then processed using The Gimp to show the details. Background noise was reduced using the Selective Gaussian Blur tool in that software.
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