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In the last week of August and the first week of September 2005, Venus and Jupiter were very close together in the sky. The evening of 1 September is when they were closest. On this date I was in central Spain with my Canon EOS300D camera and its 18-55mm zoom lens plus a 300mm telephoto lens. This page shows the photos I took of the event. Venus is brighter and below Jupiter.
The 55mm zoom lens was used to take a wide-angle shot that also included the star Spica in Virgo.
The 300mm lens was used to take a a closer picture that shows a star above and to the right of Jupiter, theta Virgonis, and even the Galilean moons of Jupiter.
1 September 2005, 19:42 UTC, 55mm lens
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1 September 2005, 19:52 UTC, 300mm lens
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Daves Astronomy Pictures
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